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How To Choose a Webroot Antivirus Product?

webroot antivirus

Things To Consider For Selecting Webroot Antivirus 

Before you decide to opt for any of the available Webroot Antivirus Product, consider the following specifications of the product. 

Protection Coverage

One of the primary features of your Webroot Antivirus is the security cover it offers against multiple threats. For example, Virus, Worms.

Malware, Trojans, Rootkits, Spyware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spam, Adware, Keyloggers, Pharming, Rogue Security Software etc. This list is expanding day-by-day. Depending upon your Security Requirements and Computing Environment, choose the version that suits you. In other words, you must select the option that gives you maximum protection with respect to threats that are more likely to attack you.  


Apart from the Security Cover, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus gives you options to choose according to your available System Requirements. While some products are meant only for a specific type of platform like just the Windows/ Mac. On the other hand, there are products that are capable to take care of every possible platform like Windows, MAC, Laptops/ Tablets, Android, iPhone etc. Hence, choose wisely as you will not like to pay for a cross-platform product when all you have is a Windows Device. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to get different Licenses for different platforms when you can get a cross-platform software. 

Multiple Device Protection

Besides that, the number of Devices that you want to protect is another deciding factor in selecting a suitable Webroot Antivirus Product. For instance, you may have just a single Computer that needs protection or multiple devices. Whatever the case may be, Webroot has the right option for you. You can choose  

Protection For Mobile Devices

Along with that, mobile devices like Smartphones can also help you in determining your best Webroot Antivirus. In other words, if you have Smartphones and Tablets that must be protected. Then, select the Webroot Antivirus that covers all your devices under the same Subscription. However, if you don’t need protection for all the Devices, choose the options that serve your purpose. 

Password Management

Securing and Managing your Passwords can be a really tricky task. This can be truly frustrating in case you have multiple Password Protected Accounts like Email Accounts, Bank Account Platforms, Social Media Accounts etc. As such, it is quite easy to forget Passwords. Moreover, it is not safe to note it down anywhere including your Computer, Smartphone etc. Hence, consider this as an important deciding factor when choosing your Webroot Antivirus. 

Data Backup

Hard Drive Crash and other technical issues are a serious threat to the data stored in your Device. Once lost, it is extremely difficult to recover your data. Hence, look for the Webroot Antivirus Product that offers a powerful Backup Mechanism if you save important data on your systems.  You can even opt for the one that comes with additional Cloud Storage to protect your data. 

Additional Features

Additional Features like Parental Controls, VPN, Secure Browser, Webcam Protection, Real-time Behaviour Monitoring and Threat Detection, System optimizer, Network Protection, Identity Shield, File Shredder etc. can help you in your choice.


The final cost of Webroot Antivirus Products is a major deciding factor that influences your choice. Although, you should opt for the product that “fits in” to your Budget. However, it is wise to choose a product that doesn’t compromise on any of the Security and Compatability factors. In short, the best product will be the one that takes care of all your “Security Concerns” without being unreasonably expensive. 

If you closely consider these factors, you can easily choose the best suited Webroot Antivirus Product. However, if all this seems to be too overwhelming. Then, simply go to the “Help Me Choose” page of Webroot’s official website. Here, you must answer some straightforward questions. Based on your choice, Webroot will suggest the most suitable product for your devices. 

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